Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Will my insurance company pay for my new windshield repair?

    Answer: Yes, insurance companies will waive deductibles for repairs in most cases.

  • Question: Will I be responsible for filing the claim with my insurance company?

    Answer: No, Wright’s will take care of filing the claims and all required paperwork with your insurance company.list item 2

  • Question: Will my insurance rates go up if I get my windshield replaced through my insurance?

    Answer: No. Windshield replacement is a claim under the comprehensive coverage of your vehicle not collision.  A windshield repair or replacement will not effect your insurance premiums.

  • Question: Will you install auto glass that is the same quality as I have in my vehicle right now?

    Answer: Yes, at Wright’s we only use high quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) auto glass such as PPG, LOF, Pilkington, Carlite.

  • Question: What’s the difference in OEM glass versus after market glass?

    The differences lie in the quality, the fit and the cost, which only varies by $25 - $40.  With OEM glass you can be certain that you are having glass of the same high quality and standards that you demand as a replacement for your vehicle.

  • Question: How long does it take to replace my windshield?

    Answer: We can complete most auto glass replacements in approximately 90 minutes.  We recommend that the vehicle not be driven for approximately 1 hour after replacement to ensure that all materials used are properly cured and set.  In most cases, with the vehicle properly taped, the vehicle may be driven immediately after install.

  • Question: Do you replace other auto glass besides the windshield, for instance, rear and side windows?

    Yes, we sell and replace all types of auto glass including side and rear windows, vents, quarter, etc.  In addition, Wright’s will replace regulators, window motors and door handles – inside and out.